I see you, you know?
The smile carved out of thorns,
Thorns gradually being removed from your heart;
You gave it out, and it was returned broken,
Yet, you find a place in your heart,
A broken piece, to reflect happiness to the people around,

I see you, you know?
The warmth and closure,
Sprouting from the seed of forgiveness,
It’s never easy to walk in these shoes;
He enveloped kisses, you thought it was love but it was bought with 30 pieces of silver,
Little did he know he was selling you,
To the place of destiny,
Always let your warmth radiate love; it’s the sun’s energy

I see you, you know,
Learning how to walk again,
How to break down your doors,
The very ones you built when he broke you;
A thousand pieces of a being,
Learning how to see trust in actions,
Every tongue that comes bearing gifts of love;
You view from a defective view,
Your heart has been taught to see lies in all words,
Let love in, yes broken, but you still paint beautiful pictures…

That’s how I see you, you know,
An artist carving smiles, on people’s faces,
You are well skilled in teaching rhythms,
when you walk by, our heads moves to the rhythm of your body,
Your tenacity can only compare with the greats,
No doubt you are great!
And mostly, I love your conversation with God,
I imagine the words you will speak to Him about your man!

Dear baby girl,
Learn to let God lead you to the person you will love,
You are just broken,
Remember, broken crayons still paint beautifully,
You are beautiful, smart, sexy and godly,
You are every man’s dream!
Give love a chance, only then can you heal completely

– Adeleye Olaoye
(c) 2021

Love refreshing

I wonder what God was thinking when He made you,
Made you so perfect and pure yet no one had a clue

Of what made he you so unique, you so blue!
So sleek, so sweet and so true!

That every time,‎ I look at you
All I see is a reflection of me. What a perfect view!

If you were a word in English no matter the tense
I can’t help but over emphasize your importance with little or no stress

I can’t over stress I’m afraid you will break in this glass
So I’d rather go do the maths

Do some add ups and draw your graph
You’re so priceless, you’re worth more than a million ducats

Can’t thank you enough for what you have done
If you were combined with soap, all my dirt would be gone

You leave no stain unwashed, not even one
I’ve seen many like you‎, but you stand out

Like a gun all these thoughts keep aiming at my brain, what a storm

As I was about to drink you alone
You this chilled cup of water in the sun!

Olaoye Adeleye
(c) 2016