Refiners Fire (A Rant and a prayer)

Its easier to preach over our heads,
But where is discipleship, where is discipline?

More people telling us what to do but nobody to see us through. More people to judge, rebuke, reprove, no one asking “how are you?”, ” where are you?”, “let’s both go through”.

Masked up perfection its a war of logos. Altars are not pretty places ask the Mayans they know this. So why am I the only one burning, the only one bleeding, the only living sacrifice sizzling while others are ” sane” and “happy”.
in this world I heard them sing is not our home. so I scribbled down the lyrics cos it had to be true.

Doesn’t anyone want to be free for real?! I know I do!
I know too well who I am why doesn’t anyone else see themselves or do you?

” its so hard to confess when everybody thinks you’re perfect” that’s what Taylor Hills said, I agree with Him. He’s a truther, he’s making sense..

Its a trend now this Cruise control, its like submission, Contrition,  repentance and brokenness is a taboo Come broken five years after your public altar call, no one will look at you, or they would, but strange… “you’re weird” they’d say, “pick yourself up”, they’d say, ” you die like a corpse” they say… But last I checked there’s no cuter way to die to the flesh so I’d wait.
Forget the past they say, don’t dwell on it Christ has forgiven your sins, I swear your Salvation is lit,they say,
hey thanks man I’m excited but I gotta ask this…is it still my past if it was only yesterday or do I give it a few more days, months no years, Hoping I don’t take my – self into Today..

Oh don’t bother answering I have to start again.

Hey, tell me your secret, How long did it take for your guilt to disappear from your fore memory… huh?
Gods grace, I know its true but why don’t I see it..

“Whither you go left or right, you’d hear a voice behind you saying – this is the way to go, walk in it”, I’m walking Lord, You get me. Sometimes crawling, many times falling, yet I’m moving. Now I get you, Grace keeps me moving, it was you all along. You behind me, you before me, Its really just us.

Valley of the shadow of death:
Even cute little bodies travel through dark Canals… when the head crowns the body must follow suit to live. That’s mother and Child.

These pangs are getting intense by the second, keep me breathing Ruach Hakodesh, Airways open doing these counts taking deep breaths on your count you are my husband, holding my hand, it wasn’t over until you yelled ” it is finished”, until the cry of new life is really heard across the  earth. No time for still Birth.
Sick and tired of the vain words!

wretched man that I am “yea I said it”, If I never beheld you in the beauty of holiness I’d probably be happy, hole in my chest, basking in rags, rejoicing in shackles,struggling to shine rotting teeth…

wretched man that I am! Now I see me, If I wasn’t convicted I’d never understand why I need new Life, how you paid for my Crime.
purge and cleanse me, purify me for real,

I’m diving into you, Word! the dark side no one sees,the one where you sit on a stool and roll up your sleeves, refiners fire, fuller soap, water of Life wash over, in and through me. You saved my spirit now make my soul see…

The brightness of your coming has exposed what darkness hid. All the lust and pride and selfish schemes, wash and uproot lord, Help me be still.

So then id look in the mirror, its only you I see,
Your Love your heart the only Good in me

Bang me in the fire, shape and mould me, No longer standing in Egypt claiming Canaan

Spirit of Truth Usher me in,

This isn’t about them

Its about

you and me.


Breaking News: AMNESTY; Oct 2, 2016!

Man is brute; man is rude.

Man is mean; man means business.

Man loves money; man wants to be happy.

Man loves to look good; even at Goodluck, E.J’s expense.

Man loves to win, to rule, and to dominate.

Man rapes the systems, including his sisters.

Man eats chocolates, pizza, afang, and her babies too.

Man loves to lie; even with his own grandson.

Man is poor and needy; man is funny.

Man loves his friends, and hates his haters.

Man can kill a fly, a rat, a snake, a dream, and a friend as well.

Man is afraid of losing his friend; man is afraid of losing his life.

Man has desires; man needs God.

Man wants to be loved; man needs to be happy.

The man in man would never allow any man born of a woman to attain the state of a 100% qualification necessary for the best of life that he craves within himself. Therefore, every man plagued with the curse of a Homo-Sapiens genetic make-up, is unable to attain that 100% perfect life, which would enable him get a 100% cosmos reward, no matter how hard he tried. So he is left with the options of attaining the physical cosmos such as large homes and cars either by crook or by ‘conc’ work. On the other hand, the spiritual cosmos, the enjoyment of the finer things of life- his peace of mind, his happiness, he pursued with the fake promises that yoga, blue sea, landscape, a holiday at Ibiza, babies, charity, and the like gave to him.

America since 1776 and the world at large, have pursued more steadfastly than Usein Bolt during the last Olympics, the medal made of ‘happiness’, only to find their medal spreading her wings and flying away to her cleft home just like the American Bald eagle.

Economic recession, leading to depression; religious nepotism, leading to terrorism; love of self, leading to hike in crime rates; urbanization, industrialization, and pollution leading to global natural disasters; are the litmus indicators that man has not only failed himself but has been bound by powers and systems way beyond the Homo-Sapiens’ control. Man from the prehistoric times even until now is been held captive by a dark rule, a dark kingdom that entraps him in the prison life of self-destruction. The wisdoms and knowledge that constitute this kingdom’s system has made man sign to his own death and also sign away his freedom to this self-destructive reign of this dark rule, who on daily basis, ushers a blanket of blindness (the Dark Age) on his poor captives even in the midst of the Age of Enlightenment, the Kingdom of God long introduced in the Year of the Lord, even on this day of amnesty, Today! Today when you hear his voice, do not harden your heart as was done in the rebellion.

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 1

Bear in mind: from the day of John the Baptist and even now, the Kingdom of God suffers violence, and only the violent ones take it by force. 2

The Kingdom of God is God’s own very Rest from every human work, His own very Amnesty, the end of man trying to find God but to let God find him through faith in ‘the God efforts’.

This is His Will, Amnesty: for the Father’s Will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him shall have eternal life, and He will raise him up at the last day. 3

This is the Work of God: to believe in the one He has sent. 4

Therefore, whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only son. 5

The commission: the Christ-a-poet Concept Nigeria, like Apostle Paul, has undertaken a project, commissioned by Christ Himself, to remit, forgive the sins of men by helping every man on earth to understand and respond sensibly to the Lord’s Amnesty on this year of the Lord, October 2, 2016.

The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight of the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. – Luke 4: 18-19(NIV).

  • John 3: 19.
  • Matthew 11: 12.
  • John 6: 40.
  • John 6: 29.
  • John 3: 18.







This word that has been relegated into obscurity

This experience that has been interpreted unto mediocrity

An experience our fathers cherished and pursued

Without any elevated passion they worked to subdue

The resilience of sin and worldliness

That has choked the rays of godliness

In the heart of yesteryears believers

Whose lives shrank the pride of unbelievers.


There are scenes that are concomitant with revival

One thing is sure, that holiness makes an arrival

Young boys and girls become chaste and sober

Old men and women have christened memories to remember

The once straying souls are suddenly intercepted

By the word and the holy spirit with impact so concerted

Our young girls would dress modestly and beautiful

Not parading themselves in partial nudity in manners most detestful


The young men would discard mediocrity

And embrace purposeful ventures with godly authority

The brothels would be converted to places of godly encounters

And the clubs, a place of god’s dealing ever to remember

Our pot-bellied politicians would become large hearted leaders

Mounting on the wings of purpose to enforce the dreams of dreamers

Our universities would become citadels of excellent scholars

Whose conduct would be based on Christian morals.


Truth would be a surplus commodity in our business places

And sincerity would lead the way in our market places

Children would be nurtured in the bosom of caring parents

Developing in love their gracious talents

The movies we watch would be powerful sermons

Not high jacked by nude and erotic demons

From our music shall emanate soul warming aromas

Blended with intelligent lyrics and served a s soul warmers


We should not scamper empty out of our homes

Without being stuffed with some gospel drones

Our homes would be holy, happy and healthy ones

Where the devil and his agents would be long gone

Boys would relate with girls as sisters

While girls would relate with boys as brothers

Our preachers would not be scrambling on the pulpit

To gain self glory and ego while souls stream into the pit


The church would be filled with an atmosphere of love

Not gossips, slanders, debauchery and insincere smiley curves

Prayer would become a cherished venture by the saints

Consecration would be embarrassed by our ladies and gents

Then the bible would not be a book of fables and myth

God’s word would be real to us and full of might

The devil would lose territories once dominated by him

And a glorious militant church would recover lost lands in warring hymns.


Agbaroji Chimeremeze