LIFE: The Definitions.

LIFE: The Definitions. by Egwu Nnanna Echem

Life is sincere, when the divide of your actions and intentions becomes as thin as thinness; when you make no pretense about your allegiances, when your diaphragm easily expands and contracts with delight whenever you speak since you have demonstrated over time a faithful link between your heart and the words of your mouth.

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LIFE: The Definitions.

Life is beautiful, when great moments form a tapestry of consonance; and you blink times without number to see the world refresh as if you pressed the F5 button on your windows PC then the world comes alive again.

Life is good, when you not only make yours good with LG accessories/gadgets but extend goodness with a smile to those near and far in your words, deeds and helping their needs; when you become the testimony of many, the reason for many to look up to a perfect day.

Life is brave, when you go beyond the status quo to attain great heights you were once afraid of; when your dark sides are pushed aside by the light of knowledge as the sky becomes a stepping stone.

Life is insane, when you  wake up to know that the one you love just bid farewell and time keeps ticking even as you think of it; when your childhood flashes back to memory like yesterday only to be dressed with clothes of mistakes and stains of safety and the only rays shining through are that  of regrets, and pains.

Life is expectant, when you stumble, fall, get bruised, but you gather courage to crawl, stand, walk and run again jumping over the hurdle of your past as you fly across milky way galaxy… only to be hit this time by the asteroids. The stars stare at you expecting greater than before.

Life is fast, when you blow your candles and remember 365 plus 1day has just flashed by with your body having enough certificates of scars, tears, sweats, wrinkles, stiffness and your hearts’ ware-house keep all that eyes cannot see and the tongue hard to explain and the clock keeps winding down.

Life is colorful, when you are surrounded by different shades of relationships: family, friends, and the love of your life that you soon get contempt and take for granted… for familiarity sake. Until your world goes sepia and they come back to add that beauty you once threw away.

Life is Ironic, for the so called simple and most unnoticed gifts are what make it full: From the drop of water to the breath you breathe as nature unfolds daily and the cosmos in silent motion.

Life is a gift, when God gave his only begotten son, Jesus: to die in place of the world. The same world that was created through him, for him and without him wouldn’t have been created; in him was Life and that Life was the light of Men- You, me and them.

Life is whatsoever you make out of it… But without Jesus, it’ll be NOTHING!

“I am the way, the truth and The LIFE”- Jesus Christ 

Is HE part of your Life’s’ definition?

“Written during my pursuit for life’s meaning and purpose, knowing that we all have lesser than a second” –Egwu Nnanna .E

Movie Review: COURAGEOUS -by Udousoro William .J




Title: Courageous

Producers: Kendrick Brothers

Movie length: 2 hours, 1 minute and 9 seconds

Location: Albany and Lee County, Georgia


The Review

The movie begins with a blast of suspense filled action and maintains that tempo; in fact it gets hotter and hotter with a splendid blend of tragedy, values, drama and humour. It goes ahead with a smooth interfacing of real life issues from the issues of the average family, to the dangers of an underworld drug ring, to the power of faith based decisions in overcoming real life issues. The two hour family movie runs with the theme of family values and in particular fatherhood by God’s standard.

The movie begins with Nathan Hayes (played by Ken Bevel) who recently relocating to Albany almost gets car jacked with his baby in the car, it continues with short depictions of the lives of Adam Mitchell (Alex Kendrick), Shane Fuller (Kevin Downes), David Thompson (Ben Davies) and Javier Martinez (Robert Amaya). The turning point occurs when Adam Mitchell loses his nine year old daughter in a tragic accident, causing him to reconsider his pattern of life, this change causes a ripple effect in the lives of the other men and their family as they mingle and associate in the most unlikely of manners, discovering faith, family and courage.

Nathan Hayes is a cop who gets transferred to Albany from Atlanta, he is scarred by the absence of the father he never had and subconsciously tries to prove to his long dead father he is worth being loved, he holds a unique relationship with his teenage daughter who gets a lot of attention from boys and whom he in an ingenious manner calms her desire for love.

Adam Mitchell is the middle aged cop and father who’s world gets turned upside down at the death of his daughter, he begins to have sober realizations of the kind of father he is. His new found insight compels his friend to sign the ‘resolution’ and this carries with it unseen and unanticipated consequences.

Shane Fuller, with a quick sense of humour, a cop who’s live hurts from the sting of divorce. He struggles between his honour and his pride, a battle he eventually ends up handling from the wrong end.

David Thompson, the youngest of the bunch who seems a little bit trigger happy, he is caught in the web of things, with a gruelling and dark past which cripples him from the action his conscience demands. He eventually talks with Nathan Hayes and made the most transforming decision, this in turn spins his life in the most courageous direction possible.

Javier Martinez, the only non-cop in the gang, a hard worker who puts his trust in God and goes all out for his family but is strangled by financial pressures, he gets a break in a new job and things seem to be going better until he is faced by the ultimate challenge; to sell his honour and gain it all or walk blindly on the path of faith and risk losing it all.

At the end of the movie, you’ll probably be fumbling with the remote to play it again from the start and maybe have a tear or two in your eye. With an excellent story line, standard production quality and professional acting we’ll have to give the movie an eight point five (8.5) out of ten (10) ranking. The movie set a standard in the Christian movie industry that many consider yet to be beaten.

Reviewer: Udousoro William

Movie Review: GOD is not Dead- By Egwu Nnanna .E

God is not dead

Okay, if you’ve not watched the film “God’s not dead” raise your hand! One, Two …Okay!

I will do a synopsis; kindly pardon me to come from two points of view “As a Christian” and “As a Lover of Good movies”

AS A CHRISTIAN: I enjoyed and learnt from the movie, the fact that it talks about a controversial being and creator God, and features characters of Atheists and a Muslim family is brave. I loved the synopsis and trailer. Now I also liked the school setting. Enough? Not yet! I liked the… Okay! Enough.


Present-day college freshman and devout Christian, Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper), finds his faith challenged on his first day of Philosophy class by the dogmatic and argumentative Professor Radisson (Kevin Sorbo).

Radisson begins class by informing students that they will need to disavow, in writing, the existence of God on that first day, or face a failing grade. As other students in the class begin scribbling the words “God Is Dead” on pieces of paper as instructed, Josh finds himself at a crossroads, having to choose between his faith and his future. Josh offers a nervous refusal, provoking an irate reaction from his smug professor. Radisson assigns him a daunting task: if Josh will not admit that “God Is Dead,” he must prove God’s existence by presenting well-researched, intellectual arguments and evidence over the course of the semester, and engage Radisson in a head-to-head debate in front of the class. If Josh fails to convince his classmates of God’s existence, he will fail the course and hinder his lofty academic goals. With almost no one in his corner, Josh wonders if he can really fight for what he believes. Can he actually prove the existence of God? Wouldn’t it just be easier just to write “God Is Dead” and put the whole incident behind him? GOD’S NOT DEAD weaves together multiple stories of faith, doubt and disbelief, culminating in a dramatic call to action. The film will educate, entertain, and inspire moviegoers to explore what they really believe about God, igniting important conversations and life-changing decisions. –(C) Official Site

Rating: PG (for thematic material, brief violence and an accident scene)

Genre:  Drama, Comedy, Christian

Directed By:        Harold Cronk

Written By:         Hunter Dennis, Chuck Konzelman, Cary Solomon

US Box Office:   $60.8M

Runtime:             1 hr. 53 min.

Pure Flix Entertainment – Official SiteGenre:      Drama, Comedy

Directed By:        Harold Cronk

Written By:         Hunter Dennis, Chuck Konzelman, Cary Solomon

US Box Office:   $60.8M

Runtime:             1 hr. 53 min.

Pure Flix Entertainment – Official Site


Disclaimer: No one film/movie in the world can fully explore a subject.

“If you were to be charged/prosecuted for being a Christian, would there be enough evidences to charge you guilty?”

The film should have considered some factors;

Theme: “God’s not dead” is a great title, but irrespective of how great it is, the major antagonist in the movie “An Atheist” believes that God never existed, doesn’t exist and will not exist. Secondly, the other religion that was looked into also has a “god” that they believe is also alive. So what was the point? I personally think that “God is” with a direct central theme on “Jesus” would have been a better title.

Environment: The USA I believe is so policy driven, that an educationist there has no legal base for threatening a student with failure on the basis of his personal beliefs.

Audience and Casting: Some fallacies and generalizations were done. E.g The Muslim father represented gives an impression that all Muslim fathers are cruel and domestically violent. It was too Christocentrically biased, but why shouldn’t it be? It is Christian production after all.

There were some coincidences, and for me it was still a good production. Greater works can come out of the Christian Movie Industry. I believe.

What you stand to learn: Bravery, Witnessing, Faith, Perseverance, Love and GOD.

A must watch! My rating?

C’mon go and watch it.

Have a lovely Year.



Myles Munroe, OBE, (20 April 1954 – 9 November 2014) was a Bahamian evangelical christian evangelist and ordained pentecostal minister who founded and led the Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) and Myles Munroe International (MMI). He was chief executive officer and chairman of the board of the International Third World Leaders Association and president of the International Leadership Training Institute as well as the author of numerous books.[1]

Munroe died with his wife and 7 others in a private plane crash on 9 November 2014.

Born Myles Egbert Munroe in 1954 in Nassau, Bahamas, Munroe grew up poor in a family of eleven children. Raised in the Nassau suburb of Bain Town, he was a life-long resident of the Commonwealth. Munroe became a Christian during his teenage years, later attending Oral Roberts University (ORU) where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts, Education, and Theology in 1978 and a Master’s degree in administration from the University of Tulsa in 1980. Munroe was also the recipient of honorary doctoral degrees from various schools of higher education and served as an adjunct professor of the Graduate School of Theology at ORU.

His wife, Ruth Munroe, served as co-pastor with him at BFMI. Together, the couple had two children, Myles, Jr. (known as Chairo), and a daughter, Charisa.

Christian ministry Following his graduation from the University of Tulsa, Munroe founded Bahamas Faith Ministries International in the early 1980s.

Munroe and his wife were reportedly killed in a private plane crash during airport approach on 9 November 2014. Bahamian officials stated their aircraft struck a crane at a ship yard near Grand Bahama International Airport. Munroe and the other passengers were en route to Freeport, Grand Bahama for a conference. He died at the age of 60.

1998: OBE for “services to religion”.
1998: Bahamian “Silver Jubilee Award” for service to the Bahamas in the area of “spiritual, social and religious development”.
2004: “Alumnus of the Year”, Oral Roberts University amongst others

Munroe was the author and coauthor of numerous books and Biblical-related study guides as well as a featured speaker on motivational and Bible-study recordings. In addition, he was a contributing editor for various Bible editions including The Believer’s Topical Bible, The African Cultural Heritage Topical Bible, and was a contributing writer for Charisma Life Christian Magazine, and Ministries Today.

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