Returning to our root is the most important journey of life. The place where we carefully look inward daily and receive a permanent change, a change that can only come from the most sincere core of our being. 

We all must seek to know God, the one who makes things work without human consent, without our permission. 

Our Divine Centre the source of all creation whose existence and faithfulness cannot easily be denied. 

The importance of this turning in, far supercedes our knowledge ( gnosis) of right and wrong, good and evil, history and name calling, revelations of men and sojourners of relative truths, For all these things are but factors in our pursuit merely because of the human senses.  What we see, feel, smell, taste or perceive to be ideal. 

But consider a man born deaf, blind and mute with no feeling on his fingertips, a man locked out of this physical world, in it, yet devoid of its infiltration, shall he too not have the privilege of finding His Maker within? Surely God is not unjust, for such a man will find Yahweh without ever having to rely on definitions of society, culture, assertions and self. 

For Adonai is NOT Religion.

The real life is the one within. The one unseen. Where such a man though he be in the world finds he is locked out from it, he will become subject to the real life he sees and in it he would either find Perfect peace, or turmoil and disease. For God is not unjust, HE will never take a man for Himself devoid of Shuv ( A conscious choice. a turn/ answer to the call of His Love).

To dwell on the frailty of this existence, savouring its empty promises and hoping in vain glory is to remain subject to the human senses.  Like the four elements of the earth are strong but without the fifth, their true potential can never be realised, so also the answer to Yahwehs inward call is for one reason alone, a journey to know the fifth. A journey to know Grace. 

Grace to grow, grace to love, grace to continually shun outward circumstances and believe.

To find Him, this pearl of great price is where death ends and life for man begins. But it all starts with a searching soul,

As the deer pants for the water, the soul must lung for Him.

For desire, a burning hunger that cannot be satisfied with anything but Him is the beginning of the journey. 

Never the less, in the physical realm, the soul must constantly set its lungings on the eternal, for only spirit with spirit can meet. 

True desire begets surrender

 No sooner than when the soul hungers and thirsts after righteousness from the very depths within ( Christ the living spring) , he begins to see that there is so much more he can do without. 

There is a powerful pull within, a gnawing for oneness, an intercourse with Divinity Himself. The purest of Depths calling to depth. 

Surrender will beget power. The three fold chord of the Divine that cannot be broken for all eternity. There is power in the alignment of Spirit, Soul and Body. Only He is Spirit. He is the life of man. 

This is the salvation of man. 

Not his ability to enter realms beyond his five senses, but the privilege of recognising true Light. 

From here onward to eternity, omnipotence takes over, causing fruitful multiplication of true Light! 

He shall bring forth sons (epignosis), not only in His Image but after His Likeness. 

And the Truth of His Light will arise and do what Light does best.  Shine!


Faith Like New Wings.

What are you so afraid of?

That of all you think you have sacrificed He still requires more and more and then all?,

That the only way you can gain is by loosing everything except your soul?

Tell me,

What are you so afraid of? 

That your love for God comes before your love for others?

Or that just because you took up your cross yesterday does not cover up for the cross you haven’t carried today. 

That the world as you know it is rapidly changing and all it has ever taught you is a lie?

What are you so afraid of?

That your daily death to self is one you will live to see? Or that in actual sense the rapture you seek starts from within?

Tell me,

Are you afraid,

Of the  Truth that is bound to change your theology and frisk you out of mediocrity,

Be encouraged instead.

Because conviction of the life of Christ in you will knock you off a pride cliff, your feet will fail and you will surely fly. 

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These swamps have sucked us in,

Our fearful gasps and defeated cries they have savoured. 

These swamps have seen us sink, deep into the murky waters of our mistakes.

These swamps have watched us struggle, frantically clutching at thistles and thorns, trying to hold on to what only destroys.

These swamps have watched us rise, out of the ashes, Strength stretched forth a saving hand to pull us up to marvelous light.

These swamps have thrown us up! Unable to belly our deliverd souls thriving.

These swamps can’t hold us now, the finished work of Christ has made them solid ground.

These swamps are lies that pass, we stand upon the Rock and pull our brethren out.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”. John 16:33


What makes this thing wrong?

Is a question I have been asked on many occasions, especially when it comes to upholding sexual purity until marriage, referring to it as ‘the right thing’.

I have often been battered with answer’s summed up in the statement 

‘ To call premarital sex wrong is to deny human nature, there is no need being fake about something that comes to you naturally, you christians should just stop being religious and face reality’ 

  To these I would simply laugh because in all honesty, the point seems valid, but I dare say only from a first person (selfish) point of view. 

Let us Ascend To The Place Of The Most High And See Things From The Ominicient Point Of View. 

   As I pondered on this issue I was taken back to the garden of eden. The problem was never in the fruit, neither was it in the eating. The problem came straight from the thinking. 

‘As a man thinks in his heart, so is he’

Where the mind of man ceases to consider the possibility of life outside of himself, there will always be a reparcursion for his actions. 

To eat fruit is not wrong,

The tree of Knowledge of good and evil is not a ‘bad’ tree. 

I know this because all that God created is good. 

But what made this thought and action wrong? why did man fall?

Man fell because his thought and action altered the divine order of things. 

 Man must cease to see himself as an insignificant element merely roaming the earth, with the sole purpose of having sex and making babies, only to eat, grow old and die.  He must begin to see himself as the custodian of the ancient secrets of the earth, the guardian, caretaker, husband, tender of the earth. A force that is capable of changing the course of the earth as we know it. 

 We are only mere men if we choose to be. 

This was Adams sin, and a sin ever so recurring in our world today. 

To see himself below who he really is.

To think for once that he can act in isolation of the inevitability of consequences.

You see, Adam neglected the fact that in life, there are no voids, that a quest embarked upon outside the divine order would always give birth to something new, an antithesis.

Man’s mandate to be fruitful and multiply is not restricted to the birthing of children after his own kind, it far encompasses the meanial box we have put it in.

Anything birthed by man through the power of life Himself (Holy Spirit) will be equally as powerful, equally as alive, and equally bring its resultant consequence with earnest velocity.

Adam sowed to the flesh when he ate of the tree outside of divinity’s plan, and of that sowing Adam reaps corruption ever so lasting. 

To this again I say, We are only mere men if we choose to be. 

The choice is never devoid of consequences, and trust me they far supersed the fear of STDs and early pregnancy, 

I speak of consequences that sowing to life or death can bring. One more desirable than the other, one more fruitful than the other, one more blessed than the other. 

Both very much eternal.



Why Do We Have Each Other?
Why are we so connected?
We have each other for one reason alone. Support.

The limitations of our flesh we cannot suppress if we are surrounded by people who encourage them to be expressed.

As brothers and sisters of one faith we must help. We must each strive lawfully for perfection and support each other as we do so. This makes the journey easier, less burdensome, more bearable, full of Love, Lighter.

Support is in need as much as it meets a need, we are connected for this reason alone, lest support begins to look like robbery of some sort.

I need you, you need me, stand with me, agree with me, these blood ties mean we are bound to either build or destroy each other, so which would it be?

I will only speak words that make your soul stronger, I love you as I love me so I love me when I love you because you are me.
This connection was never made for my selfish gratification, it’s just not meant for me.

But our oneness shows that I need you as much as you need me, we can help each other, until mortality in us is swallowed up by life, we will work together, walk together, lift each other, strive to thrive together, worship together, uphold the faith! Together, die together. because we were never made to do this on our own, it just wasn’t meant to be.

So why are we here? What’s the point of these strong connections?

It’s simply so that this light in you, can shine brighter as it meets the light in me, and her and him and she and he, because the more we are together, the brighter we shall be…

So Out of this light, anything I mean anything else can come, but first! We must shine as one.

‘Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is…’
– 1 John 3:2 (KJV)


Growing up I have learnt about God most effectively in pictures and over time I have come to believe that the things we see are a shadow of the spiritual things we don’t see (physically).
So one day I sat at home feeling very lazy, so lazy that I gave myself the ultimate excuse ‘I didn’t go anywhere today, I’m not dirty so I don’t need to wash’ but then again as a whiff of silly embarrassment flushed down my body I got up and ran to take a shower…
It got me thinking though, why do we really have a wash?
I mean if the only reason is to wash off the dust on our bodies from the day then we can avoid baths if we sit indoors away from dust and dirt right?

Okay picture this, pick a room, a very neat room and stay there, away from the dirt outside, don’t shower, don’t wash, just sit in the clean room. One day, two days, three days…

You will begin to stink.
The real dirt we physically wash off is from the inside. When you finally leave That room, you’d probably rush into the bathroom to have a wash with Water. A normal person does this atleast once daily. (unless of course your carrying out this experiment literally).
We are washed by the water of the Word daily. When we don’t, we begin to stink.

Extend the days and you’d probably choke on your fowl smell, so you see? You become the carcass that you really are, slowly but surely if you keep up with that act, just be there don’t wash up, dirt will be extremely obvious, you will decay eventually.
To not wash with the Word daily is to embrace corruption. Where there is no purification, there’s only one thing left, it’s antithesis… death.
The washing of the word transforms us. As we expose our lives to the cleansing refreshing waters of Christ the Living Word of God, we become Life eternal. This is the hope we have, that when you have a wash you will come out fresh, clean, feeling lighter we are cleansed.
So until 2 Corinthians 5:4 is fulfilled, keep Washing 🙂

2 Corinthians 5:4 : ‘…for we that are in this tabernacle do groan, being burdened not for that we would be unclothed, but further clothed upon, that mortality may be swallowed up of Life. ‘
#GraceandPeace Family.


‘Guard your heart with all dilligence for out of it is the well spring of life’ – Proverbs 4:23
     Everything about life begins in your heart… İts inevitable.

‘To the pure in heart all things are pure, but to the defiled and unbeleiving, nothing is pure’ – Titus 1:15

The actions and reactions that you protray come out the way they do because that is exactly how your heart is… Kill the excuses.

‘ Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God’ – Mattew 5:8

God is attracted to a heart that desires true purity… Just be honest.

‘İt is not enough to clean up your act on the outside, God is concerned about our heart’ – John Piper.

There is no need to pretend. We can fool people with our outward acts, but God knows what we are really hiding. He wants us to be real with him.

İt sounds right to judge people by what they say or do to us without realising that we judge people right from our heart… the very seat of our personal thoughts.

They say things but we hear them and interprete from our thoughts, this often leads to misunderstanding.

The bibe says that faith comes by Hearing and Hearing the word of God. The first hearing has to do with our own reasoning while the second hearing is the actual word speaking or in this case, the other person speaking. İn other words we must hear twice in every situation. This is where the fruit of patience formed in you manifests in a behaviour called ‘ Listening’.

İt is true that we can be genuinly offended but we must Love first before we judge.  Listening is Love.

‘make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace’ – Ephisiens 4:3

To believe in Christs sacrifice is to understand that we all are fatally flawed but for His grace, we too would not deserve forgiveness but for his grace we wouldnt be able to forgive ourselves… A true conviction of this truth weakens you, it humbles you, it leaves nothing else but forgiveness and understanding in your heart… yes in your heart, right back at the start.    #Grace&PeaceFamily

Words For Life. 

I admit it,I am hopelessly vulnerable.

I have grown sentimental,

My sentiments have attached me.

They have made me sensitive…

Sensitive to words.
How do you do it?

What does it take to cough? 

To spew them out with no discretion whatsoever?.. How?

Do they speak to you before you speak them out?
Tell me,

These muses ever so soft 

And delicate to the touch,

How do you make them turn,

Give them spikes, pretty things laced with thorns… bleeding.
I cry for them…

Because they lung to be freed only to heal, 

They mourn because they want to be handled softly, and used sweetly.. Yes…

They are alive.. and they have needs.

If they could, everyday they would scream… Love Me Please!!! So I can love people too.. You see,
I have grown sentimental,

Carefully caressing words, holding them close to my chest.

I have learnt to embrace them warmly, gently…

Rocking them back and forth in my arms as I sing sweet songs and they coo softly. Like doves… 

I have learnt to set them free,

To heal other people just as they have healed me…

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