You think you need something,
you get it,
And then you need another thing again,
It goes on and on,
Like a black spiral,
You can’t stop,
You are insatiable,
You gorge, inhale, gather till your barns are overflowing,
You stand, and look, and smile, with a satisfied air of pride,
You acquire all your heart can think of,
And then,
You feel empty again,
Your barn’s full on the outside,
But you are empty on the inside,
You grope and grope,
You catch nothing,
You surround yourself with people,
Addictions, achievements, to feel something,
You feel even emptier,
Like a far 3 desert land,
Why Man, oh Why???
What’s the purpose of gathering,
When it does not fill that void, that deep, dark void,

© 2018

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