You are free,
Free from the tree that damns you to a mouthful of sour grapes.

You are safe.

Safe from the cutting edge taste of his past

You are blessed

Blessed by pierced hands stretched down to a hand undeserving

You are covered

Covered by the warm blanket of eternal love 

I pray for you.

That you will never meet a man from Adam

That your eyes will forever be lit up with joy and laughter

That the aeons of peaceful waiting that keep you, preserve you for a new path.

That “the one”will only seek to preserve your heart

And though he has roamed around with you, tied in loins askew, crushed on a thousand bodies before he let you grow in one,

Your smooth face and  supple cheeks shall know no prickly tears. 

I severe you from his restless loins today and I connect you to the maker of your days.

Your life will shine forth only glory.

The shame is taken away, 

end of story.

I may never meet you child in his loins,

But I choose to set you free. 




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