​Everyday experiences may not be Everyday Jesus

You are owing God if you don’t pay tithes and there are dire consequences to be paid, the preacher man said. So the next week I calculated 10 percent of the amount I have made monthly since I started working and ran to the church to pay it. I was indignantly moved by how I thought I had annoyed God. I couldn’t have that. It was a pretty big chunk of money to me. The next month I got a call that was a game changer. As a result of the call, I started getting paid without working. I had stopped work to go back to school. I was paid for the previous months that was skipped and the money never stopped coming. Yes! Imagine that! 

That must have been as a result of my tithing right? 

So I went to church and testified and brethren were so moved i’m sure they started tithing too for returns. I would use that experience to preach at all times to show people how real God is. It was working for me. I got a study scholarship. God’s faithfulness was lit! But something happened along the line. I stopped tithing at a particular time.
I stopped because I wanted to see if God was in the business of trade by barter. Was I supposed to give the church money to avert mourning? Was it an eye for an eye? The rain didn’t cease for me, a reaper while it fell for sowers. Even Jack the ripper had the blessing of both sunshine and rain.
I can’t be dictated to, how much to give monthly or annually and to whom, because i’m no longer under siege. After the ‘undertaker’ took the power of the law of sin and death and buried it under the law of the spirit of life I waltz through life without misunderstanding my stand in the kingdom of God. Turned out my blessings weren’t as a result of my tithing.
But I started experiencing breakthroughs immediately after I started tithing! True. However, my experiences doesn’t define how God works nor who he is. Old covenants doesn’t apply to believers. It’s like carrying a yoke someone already told you not to worry about. 
That I met a man that married me after nights of vigils, when I stopped wearing jewelries and started tying my ears alongside with my hair doesn’t mean God prefers nuns to other ladies that do not conform. No! Don’t confine God’s personality in that manner.
God’s person is only revealed in the scripture. A doctrine can only be established through the word of God. Halt those teachings relating to what you call your walk with christ if it doesn’t conform to the liberty we have in christ Jesus. 

  • ChyD

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