Ring!!!! ring!!! ring!!

And an Angel picks my call,and He said how may i help you Daughter of Zion(calling my name),at first i was shocked that He knew my name so i asked. sorry please how did you know i was the one calling, i could feel the smile on his face as he spoke,he said that i am a regular caller and whenever i called the host of heaven in charge of my request and thanks giving were always happy,this was  so pleasing to my ears that i could not help but blush.

well, after a long  chat i told him(Angel) my request for that moment and told him that i needed the holy spirit to be my back up. he(Angel) said no my request started like this…….

IN THE NAME OF JESUS………………………..the moment i said that, the connection became faster and smoother,as if i was in the general store of the daily loads of blesses. And i began to make my request known.

long grant me long life

lead me oh lord

help me to be the head and not the tail. e.t.c

after the long telling of my list ,i was transferred to another service center were i was told that all the things i requested for has been delivered,and then in shock i asked ,how come i have not seen my packages,the angel replied, that the day i gave my life to Christ all i needed to run the NARROW ROAD was given to me but i am only able to access them in the name of JESUS.

He went  further to tell me more,he  told me that i am a share holder in Heaven,and for me to acquire more share i needed to follow the manual which every shareholder have(BIBLE)and i have all the entitlement of a share holder as far as i don’t fall short of the glory of God.

Hmmmmmm, i was humbled but in all this i realized that for any speedy answer to any request(prayer) the name of Jesus should not be ignored.

remain bless.


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