In structure and mind we differ, you with your toy gun and I with my doll

Both content in our own world opening only to those we trust.

Time passes and we both thrive, I with my flowers and you with your guitar

Trying to find ourselves while making our own mark

We leave the past to run with Christ

Our giant strides taken in wisdom’s path

We both write, I of my feminine mind and you in your masculine might

Both trying to reach out to grasp the essence of our fights

You seek and I find in the motion of time,

A common ground, a joint hope, a renewed heart

In an unexpected tide we mix our lives

Learning vices and sharing minds

I with my determined heart and you with your focused eyes

Together we turn the tides, growing in love, strengthening all ties

You with your unwavering faith and I with my praying knees

Soaring above sin, we would gladly live, in our master’s creed

We would believe till a point we would become holy within him.

Looking out to the unseen things, I boldly decree

To you I would cleave as a virtuous queen and you as my wise king

Both following as God would deem fit



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