Free Fall

Now is the time

Now is the time

What will the end result be?
Will I die or will I wake?
Questions that haunt me with every decision I make
Like will I make it to heaven if I stay this way?
Will I suffer much if I put it away?
What is the end result?
It’s all to what end?
The end of a matter is supposed to be better than when it first began.
So what then will I do?
I ask myself again
Again and again and again
It seems like I’m being profane
Ii can’t go back to what I was
Neither can I stay
The very ground I stand on is quicker than clay
Stop confusing me please!
I keep the voices at bay
Only I don’t know who is talking
Is it my Saviour or my shame?

The ground I stand on quivers
Do I move on higher?
I stand, I fall, I shiver
If only hope could hold me now
I slip, I fall, I can’t get up
I think I’m lost right now
But there’s something in the distance
Something calling out loud
Wait! Wait!!
I shout and shout
It seems I’m talking so loud.

Now the ground shatters
I am lost in a free fall
Just falling…
Into the dark
I give up
I close my eyes
I surrender
I give up
I begin to close my eyes

Then I’m struck by lightening!
I find myself on a road now
Gripping something so strong
The grace which I once lost
I look in front of me
There’s a road to my left
Another to my right
A decision, I must make now
A path to life, and a path to death
I smile now, for I know the decision to take
The decision is mine.

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